Doors escape from cleaning -15 points to watch!


Doors escape from cleaning -15 points to watch!

Even if you are a star in cleanliness, there will be some things that make it difficult for you or… escape!

Keep these 15 points in your mind the next time you do work. These are the places you might forget to clean. Especially the entrance security door  – πόρτες ασφαλείας – is the most special!

15 points we forget to clean

1. Doors and switches

In order for the sockets and switches to lose their original white shape, we need to clean them wherever and whenever. Remove the layer of dust and fingerprints from doors – portes asfaleias, kleidaries asfaleias – and switches with a cloth or baby wipe.

2. Trash bins

We definitely put a bag in the trash and we throw away the trash regularly. And yet the time will come when the buckets start to smell. Then it’s time to put them down and soap them with some dishwashing liquid. After drying, we pat some newspapers on the bottom so they don’t get watered by the dirty trash.

3. The entrance mat

The first point the dirt will encounter before entering our house is the entrance mat. After shaking it well, pour a layer of baking soda over it. Soda cleans and disinfects carpets. Leave for 30 minutes and wipe with a vacuum cleaner.

4. The remote controls

When was the last time we cleaned the TV remote control? Yes, we all forget it or at the end of the day we don’t see it… How can we clean it quickly and easily? We will just put a little hand sanitizer on a cloth and go over the entire surface. With a cotton swab we will be able to switch between buttons.

5. The screen of the mobile or tablet

We are just as forgettable with touch screens of mobiles or tablets. While we use these appliances daily, we do not clean them as often or as thoroughly as we should. Read more: How to clean the screen of your tablet or mobile

6. The ventilation of the bathroom

They are not one of those places that we notice. We’ll have to raise our heads a little to see that a trace of dust pops out of there. But it will only take us two minutes to collect the dirt with a damp cloth. A toothbrush may also help us get closer.

7. Books

And yet our favourite books over time can become very dirty. Powder does not discriminate. It will not only gather on the shelves of the library but also on the books themselves. A soft, dry cloth will help us clean here.

8. The lamps

Let’s take a little better look at the lamps, ceiling or table lamps. Have they collected enough dust? To clean the fabric lampshades we roll very easily with the laundry detergent. For plastic, metal or glass parts of lighting fixtures we will need a soft brush to remove dust.

After dusting, soak a cloth with water and softener, drain it very well and pass the surface. The softener also acts as an antistatic in this case.

9. The kitchen sponge

Bacteria go through it daily. Frequent replacement is the solution we think covers us. But how often do we eventually change the kitchen sponge? To prevent germs from reaching our dishes and glasses, we disinfect the sponge once a week.

How? Rinse it well with water, strain it and place it in a bowl of vinegar. Put the bowl in the microwave and leave for 3 minutes!

10. The cutlery case

The cutlery case is mainly filled with crumbs. Once a month we empty it and soap it under the faucet.

11. The wall behind the toilet

We carefully clean the lid and the inside of the basin but what about the tiles behind the toilet? Let’s put on gloves and start rubbing with soapy water. Finally spray with white vinegar for deeper disinfection, leave for a few minutes and dry with a cloth.

12. The door knobs

The door knobs are always in contact with our hands and therefore in contact with microorganisms. The dirt on the door knobs doesn’t look bare, but it certainly does. To clean them, we will only use microfibre cloth and warm water. Chemical cleaners dull the metal surfaces and are not recommended.

13. The vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the house with a dirty vacuum cleaner is a bit of an oxymoron! The broom, left to its fate, gets a smell and along with everything else it won’t suck well.

14. Under the sofa pillows

What we find under the couch and armchair pillows can surprise us! Lost toys, crumbs and definitely enough powder. It is not enough just to shake the throws. From time to time with the pillows out of place and wipe the inside of the sofas with the vacuum cleaner.

15. Brushes and combs

Powder, grease, dandruff, styling residues and all kinds of dirt are trapped on the brushes as we use them.

It is important to clean them, as it is the only way to prevent yourself and your family from coronavirus.

Coronavirus – home protection: Hand hygiene and other preventive measures

All family members should wash their hands frequently with soap and water. Do not forget to do so immediately after removing the gloves and after any contact with a sick person.

Even if your hands are not visibly dirty, you can use an alcoholic hand sanitizer with at least 75% alcohol content.

Also, wash your hands whenever:

  • Blow your nose
  • Cough, or sneeze
  • Using the toilet
  • Before you sit down to eat, before you start cooking
  • After coming into contact with animals, such as pets in the house
  • Before and after caring for another person who needs help (e.g child)

Do not forget that you should always wash your hands when opening the door – πόρτες – and holding the door handle!

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