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One of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Southern Europe is considered to be the picturesque group of islands in the Aegean Sea called Santorini and you can explore it with Santorini private tour. Find at Emporio 847 03 and call us on 694 457 7918. It consists of five small islands: Aspronisi, Palea Kameni, Thirasia, Nea Kameni and Santorini, which the locals call Thira.

For Europe, this place is more related to the Greek Cyclades than to itself. This is due to the fact that nature and the local climate are very different from those prevailing in the main territory of the country. Everything here looks different and from this it is a bit wonderful, starting from the wonderful landscapes and ending with the obvious aristocracy that is visible in every part of this place. If you are planning a vacation in Santorini find out all the necessary information about attractions, entertainment and prices from the article and start an unforgettable journey in 2022.

History and current situation

The capital of the island is the settlement, also called “Thira”. This city was founded more than 3,500 years ago, and the traces of other ancient settlements, which you inevitably encounter here and there, remind you once again of the rich history of the island and the good life of the inhabitants of that area at that time. Some scholars have advanced the theory that these islands were formerly an integral part of the long-lost Atlantis. And after what you see, you will probably understand their point of view.

Here you just stop to think about the time, seeing the amazing landscape, completely white house facades, groomed coastline, calm sea and colorful beaches. Here you will feel peaceful when you come on vacation with your family in 2020.

Many people choose this picturesque corner of the Earth to enjoy spectacular sunsets, to find inner harmony and to be completely disconnected from the daily hustle and bustle that accompanies every person throughout life.

Geography and climate

Santorini has a Mediterranean climate similar to that of Crete. The greatest heat is in the resort in summer, when the season reaches its peak: there is practically no rain and the average air temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius. The water is currently heating up to 25 degrees. If you do not like the extreme heat, you can go to the island in September – you can still swim and the air temperature is on average 22 degrees Celsius.

The capital of the main island of the complex and the main resort is exactly Thira, a city located on a rock. Other tourists who want a more relaxing holiday choose Imerovivli or Ayou, Kamari is considered a cheap choice. However, wherever you go in Santorini, you know that your vacation will be great.

Security in Santorini

Santorini, like Greece itself, is a good and quiet place to stay. You can move independently around the city and the island, walking in the evenings. Travel is also safe for women, the attitude towards women is quite calm and there is no threat, as in Arab countries. During your vacation in Santorini, one must remember only the basic rules of tourist security: to monitor your belongings, to keep documents and valuables in a safe and, of course, to protect your skin from the hot sun of the island.

How to get there and how to get around?

From the local airport you can reach the center of the island by taxi, bus or bus. The fare is more than democratic and is about 3 euros, while the transfer time does not exceed 15 minutes. When you use regular taxis that will not take you to the center, but to a specific address, you will have to pay around 20 euros. For greater confidence in the quality and reliability of transport, you can use the airport shuttle service. It is true that the one-time cost of the service in this case will be about 55 euros.

Access to Santorini via the Aegean is convenient and very comfortable. You can order a speedboat or take a ship. Depending on the speed and quality of the selected traffic, the cost of the trip will be around 65-80 euros. The journey takes from one to five hours. The largest selection of ships and boats is located in the capital of Greece, so it will not be unnecessary to plan a short stop in Athens in advance and then continue your trip to the beautiful Santorini.

Navigating the island is easy. If you can walk around the resort towns, then it is easy to use sightseeing buses and the natural beauty of the whole island. The fare is two euros. If you want to travel to other islands of the group, you can take the ferry.

The island has public buses running every 30 minutes in different directions. Boats run between the islands of the Aegean sea. It is not difficult to rent a car, which will cost 45 euros or more per day, depending on the make of the car. Quad bikes are also a popular means of transportation. Many people prefer to rent a bicycle.

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