What are the things that should never go down the drain?


Here at –Αποφράξεις Αθήνα-, we get calls from homeowners all the time because they have a clogged drain, and there are entirely too many times when that call to their commercial drain cleaning in Athens could’ve been avoided.

How? By simply knowing what can and cannot go down a drain. Whether it’s the toilet, the kitchen sink, or a laundry room basin, the important thing to remember here is that your home’s plumbing system is designed to handle liquids and very few approved flushable solids like toilet paper.

Despite this rule of thumb, we often see certain types of solids dumped down the drain, and to help our customers avoid an emergency plumbing call in the future, we’ve assembled a list of those items here:


1. Pasta

Semolina content keeps on growing once flushed down the kitchen sink and will square depletes and cause future pipes issues. Likewise, endeavour towards buying natural options liberated from these coagulating substances.

2. Rice

Swells when dry or cooked grains permitted to run down kitchen channels. As to pasta, a similar nature and wellbeing ways of thinking ought to be applied towards sourcing better choices that don’t hurt channels when coincidentally permitted to channel through.

3. Egg Shells 

Shells contribute towards expanding granular waste and is agreeable to every other type of waste by effectively gathering on them. It might be asking much at this stage, however, did you realize that eggshells can likewise be reused. Think about its utilization at Easter time and you as of now have an unmistakable picture at the top of the priority list.

4. Espresso and other coffee beans

Plumbers are consistent in their understanding that espresso beans are one of the most exceedingly awful guilty parties for causing channel blockages. Along these lines, before flushing and washing cups/mugs, discard grounds in the trash. Espresso beans (and eggshells so far as that is concerned) are extraordinary for treating the soil.


5. Cooking oil

Mixes effectively with all other waste and contributes significantly towards making channel blockages. Oil can be depleted and put away for re-use as opposed to flushing it down the channel. Alongside oil and all fats, contributes almost 50% to more than thirty thousand sewer floods over the United States. Remember that serving of mixed greens dressings and mayonnaise are likewise oils that ought not to be disposed of down channels.

6. Engine oil

Always keep oil, transmission liquids and every single other compound (counting radiator fluid) far away from pipes. This incorporates family and tempest channels. This will help extraordinarily in ensuring conduits.

7. Oil 

Note this incorporates cooked/liquefied fat from meat, poultry, wiener, bacon, skin just as the sauce.

8. Cooking fat

See Cooking oil. A similar practice ought to be applied.

9. Nourishment fat 

See Grease. Additionally note that this will incorporate dairy items, including cheddar, dessert, milk and spread. Veggie lovers should take note of that nut spreads are remembered for this classification as well.

10. Feces

Not just will they obstruct channels, these will pull in hurtful microscopic organisms and vermin. It additionally ought to be noticed that ‘flushable’ feline litter ought not to be disposed of down channels either and still convey hurtful parasites. Do discover from your neighbourhood vets whether there are reasonable removal units for dumping pet waste in a maintainable and sound way.

11. Stickers

Tiny stickers made of plastic and usually found on products of the soil packs will adhere to the sides of channels. On the off chance that they get that far, they will likewise gather along dividers and the channels of wastewater treatment focus. What’s more, since they are minute, will, in any case, discover a method for entering waterways and seas.


12. Condoms 

Not made of latex and won’t crumble in water. Best to discard these at squandering the board habitats in view of the unsafe substance of human liquids. Flushed down toilets, they advance toward seas and can be confused with nourishment by creature life.

13. Sterile Towels

Replicate model set by cafés and most open bathing offices by making your own clean removal unit at home. Retaining dampness, they additionally have the inclination to extend. Furthermore, obviously, it contains human natural liquids.

14. All Paper Towels

To help manageability in the home, supplant these with launderable cotton fabrics. While they might be biodegradable, they despite everything retain dampness and will stop up seepage pipes.

15. Flushable Wipes 

Wet wipes, for example, contain coagulated oil and won’t break down as bathroom tissue does. Harming or hurting wastewater treatment focuses, it additionally contributes towards expanded consumption of urban communities’ spending limits.

16. Cotton Balls

See Sanitary Towels, Flushable Wipes and All Paper Towels.

17. Cleaning Solutions

Content of these arrangements; antibacterial operators, phosphates, different aggravates, all damage water’s environments. The change to characteristic options without destructive synthetic compounds can’t be underscored enough here.

18. Paint

No compelling reason to discard paint arrangements’ flotsam and jetsam on the grounds that most regions currently have dangerous waste offices set up. Additionally, paints with eco-accommodating arrangements, not hurtful to water eco-frameworks and air quality are presently generally accessible.

19. Engine Solutions

See Motor Oil.

20. Medication

Drop off all unused/terminated meds at nearby drug stores which should, at this point, approach concoction/clinical waste removal units. There is likewise what is known as a reclaim program which all clients and job players are urged to utilize.


21. Organic product Pits

Disposal cutting edges, whenever introduced, are not sharp enough to crush these. The elective stays to dispose of pits in squander removal units (or manure).

22. Solvents

These, alongside cleaning arrangements, paint and oil, fall under poisonous and hurtful synthetic compounds. Whenever discarded down channels, these will enter lakes, waterways and seas and damage the helpless biological systems of these territories.

23. Bones

Small bone splinters will never be discarded adequately when flushed down the channel. Continuously scratch-off utilized plates and arrange into manure load.

24. Orange and Lemon Rinds

You can reuse these as normal antiperspirants for the home. Discarding these will at the present stop up channels.

25. Flour

Always discard this in a waste disposal unit. Flour coagulates and solidifies within waste funnels.

This useful and valuable rundown which, without a doubt is an educational eye-opener for new perusers, ought to never be printed. While paper can be reused, it despite everything has an awful propensity for discovering its approach to trash dumps, maybe, in any event, being coincidentally hurled down a channel. Old propensities are obstinate. Be that as it may, new practices require both retribution and watchfulness to be effective in its execution. Everything necessary is in the first place somewhat more mindfulness and the activity is practically half done. Think as far as how much expenses are ensnared at whatever point your channels and funnels separate. What better approach to forestall this by being progressively mindful of what goes down the channel.

This rundown ought to end up being increasingly helpful in making that mindfulness. Furthermore, as referenced not very far in the past, don’t print the rundown. Just store it away in an envelope with a plainly characterized name (in a perfect world in capitalized letters) and you can generally allude back to it at whatever point you need a boost or an update. Likewise, experience this rundown once again and see exactly what number of things can be killed from your home stock and additionally shopping records altogether. What’s more, on the off chance that it can’t, in any event, endeavour towards progressively natural mindfulness by basically diminishing its utilization.

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